ɹɪˈflɛkʃən – caminho português

The jacobs way begins with the first step out of your front door…

The elephant in the room – Is energy transition stalling?
» Energy transition selfmade «

The amount of carbon dioxide that mother nature locked in the ground for millions of years, humanity is recently releasing into the atmosphere in just one year through the consumption of fossil energy sources. Fossil oils, gas and coal feed the hunger for energy of the industrial countries. Thus, also yours!
A “keep it up like that” cannot be the solution if following generations still want to inherit this planet.


Colours of the Street
» Colorchange «

A wall on a former factory area. It’s  weekend, early in the morning.
The first sprayers are already at work. They saved a place on the wall to perpetuate their works of art. Even if it will only be for a short period of time.

» Across the city «

shows a young man named Leon who relies on a wheelchair becauseof his muscular atrophy.
Born and raised in Berlin in 1995, he developed his condition as a child. In the summer he would have to be on constant hospital visits…


ChangingCity – Everything different?
» The Berlin I never knew like this «

When the word „Corona“ was mentioned publicly for the first time in December 2019, nobody knew what was to come for humankind. Everything was so far away and intangible. Then, in mid-March 2020, everything happened very quickly. The Federal Chancellor gave her television address: „It is serious. Take it seriously too!“


Coronapandemic, Berlin in spring sleep

… suddenly everything changed very fast.

Under the slogan “flatten the curve”, Berlin is put into an artificial sleep and public life is reduced to a minimum. Bars, restaurants, shops, and gyms are closed. Squares and streets are empty and it becomes quiet in a city that otherwise never sleeps…

The hour – Moments behind the window

In the 12/2019 edition of the C/O Gallery newspaper, it was stated that “the Café at Amerika Haus is a stage with two lines of sight – from the outside in and from the inside out. A stage on which something exciting happens every day. Because it is often the fleeting moment that can tell so much…